Mission Sunehra Kal

MYKAPS is mobilizing grants from ITC assisted MSK project under their corporate social responsibility. The project is termed as soil and moisture conservation project. The various activities carried out under this project are rejuvenation of tanks, establishment of NADEP unit, construction of cattle troughs, Agro forestry etc., The major break-through under this project is tank rejuvenation work wherein, project supports desilting of tanks and the farmers are involved in transporting the silt to their fields which has high nutrient value. A Tank Improvement Committee is being established in the area of each tank to ensure future maintenance of the tank. These TUGs are also involved in running Agri-business centers and fuel wood depots to support the farmers. 159 tanks have been rejuvenated by MYKAPS as on 31st March, 2017 MYKAPS has also promoted coco pith production units in villages namely; Melur, Telaginakuppe, Byadarabilaguli in Periyapatna Taluk and Yelehundi in H.D.Kote Taluk where quality coco pith is produced and sold at competitive rates as an income generation activity for SHGs and TUGs

Solid Waste Management

The project area covers selected core villages in H.D.Kote, Sargur and Periyapatna Taluks in Mysore District.  Project activities are training and awareness sessions to the community members to sustain use of toilets & solid waste management practices in the grama panchayats and promotion of school sanitation.  

The project is training GP Members, SHG Members, TP members in solid waste management in collaboration with the GPs. The GPs are collecting dry waste from households who have been provided vehicles from the Government. 

Green temple program is implemented in two temples wherein the temple management committee is oriented in preparation of compost out of the waste collected namely; flowers, fruits etc

School Infrastructure Development

With support from Givaudan Foundation Two classrooms were constructed and art work depicting the information on subjects namely; science, social science, maths.  The capacities of children, teachers and SDMC members were built. 

Two schools namely; Doddapalya in Srirangapatna Taluk and Hallikerehundi in Mysore Taluk were supported for infrastructure development and capacity building with support from JK Tyre and Industries Ltd.

Formation and Promotion of FPOs

MYKAPS is involved in formation and promotion of FPOs in Mysore and Chamarajanagar Districts under Amrith Scheme.  19 FPOs have been established in these two districts.  Training / Capacity Building for farmers, Board of Directors are conducted.  These FPOs are provided handholding support for preparation of business development plan, input / output business.

Water Stewardship Project
  • MYKAPS had conducted a baseline assessment (Survey) for water neutrality in the identified project area for Reckitt, Mysore covering 13 villages.
  • Grama Sabha was organized to create awareness among the community on importance of water saving
  • Tank earth work and removal of silt completed 
  • Tank Revetment work completed 
  • Trench cum bund established 
  • Established Farm ponds in farmer’s field
  • Cattle trough constructed
FGHR From Hardship to Hope

This project is intended to create awareness among the women engaged in the garment industry about their rights and various Welfare Schemes available to them. The overarching goal of this project is to empower the garment industry workers in Mysore District through awareness generation, capacity building, functional networking and linkages to improve the standard of living.

Capacity Building for Sustainable Development

The Project intends to build the capacities / training of farmers, women community members, field level workers on health and safety, labour laws, livelihood, green coverage and fuel wood traceability to achieve sustainable development in the three Taluks covered by the Project in Mysore District namely; Periyapatna, Hunsur and K.R.Nagar.

Tank Rejuvenation and Beautification

In Mysore City area a tank namely; Sarkarikatte had been taken up for rejuvenation and beautification including activities such as leveling, pitching, walking pathway and fencing. The project was funded by M/S.JK Tyre & Industries Ltd.  

DenX CMI Norway Project

Implementation of household surveys and focus group discussions on rural livelihoods and socio-ecological change in the vicinity of Tibetan Refugee Settlements in Karnataka was carried out.  The reports have been submitted to CMI, Norway.   They have evinced interest in undertaking a more broad based study in conjunction with MYKAPS.  These discussions are at the initial level.

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