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Welcome to MYKAPS

MYKAPS (Myrada Kaveri Pradeshika Samsthe) is an organization promoted by MYRADA with a mandate to work in 10 districts of Southern and coastal Karnataka including Mysore, Mandya, Chamarajanagar, Kodagu, Chickmagalore, Hassan, Shivamogga, Udupi, Dakshina Kannda and Utthara Kannada. 

MYRADA and MYKAPS have been working in Undivided Mysore District for more than five decades.





What Make Us Different

  • To build and strengthen livelihoods of farm and nonfarm rural households in such a way that all families are able to live in prosperity with dignity and harmony in the Cauvery Basin.
  • To spread the adoption of ecologically better practices so that soil, water and air are protected from further deterioration and nurtured back to healthy and optimally productive levels.
  • To promote the development of agriculture as an enterprise, balancing productivity with environmental concerns and securing appropriate credit and to facilitate value chain.
  • To Enhance Livelihoods of youth and landless by enhancing their entrepreneurial skills in non-farm sector.
  • To increase awareness and facilitate attitudinal and behavioural changes in the areas of health and sanitation by addressing sanitation and solid waste management so that health risks are reduced.
  • To ensure that all the rights of children are respected at all times, and that children are groomed to contribute to the healthy growth of the community and the nation.
  • To ensure that all the above are achieved with gender sensitivity and through building and strengthening local level people’s institutions, working with panchayats (local government), networking with other governmental and non governmental institutions and strategic partnerships with resource institutions.

Meet Our Governing Body

The governing body oversees the functioning, activities and strategies of MYKAPS and also provides guidance. It meets for a minimum of three times a year, apart from the AGM.


IAS (Retd)

Chairman MYRADA Bangalore

Ms.Vidya Ramachandran 


Vice President

Mr.Sunil Jadli

Chief Executive Officer Sanghamithra Rural Financial Services


Mr.S.A. Ashraful Hasan

Executive Director, MYRADA Kaveri Pradeshika Samsthe

Member Secretary

Mr. Padmashri.Aloysius P.Fernandez 

Secretary MYRADA, Bangalore


Mr.T.M.Vijay Bhaskar IAS (Retd.)

Former Chief Secretary Govt. of Karnataka


Mr.Arvind G. Risbud (IAS Retd.) 

Executive Director, MYRADA, Bangalore

Ex-Officio Member

Ms.Chandra Singh

Chief Finance Officer



Retd. Prof. in Economics, University of Mysore 





Dr.P. Alagesan 

Program Manager Myrada Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gobichettipalyam, Erode

Ex-Officio Member

Meet our Project Management Staffs

Each project of MYKAPS is managed by a Senior Staff of MYKAPS with expertise in the chosen field. The Project Leaders / Coordinators

Mr.Rajappa S

MSK Project Coordinator

Mr.Rajanna M

FPO Program Coordinator
Mysore District


FGHR Program Coordinator

Mr.Radish Kumar

Mr.Radish Kumar

Sanitation Project Coordinator



FPO Program Coordinator Chamarajanagar District​

Meet our Finance and Administration Staff

A well experienced and highly competent team manages the finance and administration of all the projects of MYKAPS at its central office in Mysore.

Mrs.Nagarathna B

Chief Administrative Officer

Mrs.Revathy B K

Chief Accounts Officer


Accounts Assistant 1


Accounts Assistant 2

Focus & Strategies​


Through promoting, nurturing and monitoring Livelihood based;

  • Primary Level Institutions centered around thrift and credit (SHGs)
  • Primary Level Participatory Farmer’s Groups

Promotion of organic farmers associations, organic farming, better cotton cultivation, livestock based farming etc., to ensure Sustainable Agriculture Practices

  • Establishment of Representative Institutions such as Community Managed Resource Centres
  • Establishment of Producer Groups and Companies
  • Enhancing income generating skills of youth through skills training initiatives

  • Creating livelihood opportunities for landless people in the watershed areas

Soil and Moisture Conservation​​

  • Building and nurturing institutions related to soil and moisture conservation such as Watershed Development Associations, Village Watershed Committees, Tank User Groups and federation of TUGs
  • Carrying out tank rejuvenation activities such as tank deepening, treatment of upper catchment area,  sluice repair and strengthening of tank bunds

  • Create awareness amongst members of self help groups about soil and moisture conservation and linking them with TUGs.

  • Promotion of NADEP unit and compost pits as a moisture conservation measure in individual households
  • Take up watershed development activities such as Trench cum Bunds, Check dams, Drainage line treatment, development of gokuntas etc.,

Water & Sanitation​

  • Create awareness among women, children and the entire community about safe drinking water practices.
  • Construction of Individual Sanitary Latrines

  • Construction of protection walls around the school to improve the environment and sanitary conditions

  • Awareness to community about liquid and solid waste management

  • Organizing loans from MFIs to construct toilets and provide water filters

  • Construction of Toilets in schools for boys and girls
  • Organizing awareness camps on sanitation to children by conducting drawing competitions, quiz etc.

  • Training of waterman and masons to build their capacities

  • Inculcate proper hand washing  practices amongst school children

  • Construction of child friendly toilets in pre-schools / Anganwadis

Health and Education​

  • Organizing health camps and eye camps with support from Health care institutions
  • Motivation and Life Skills Training to children related to agriculture operations

  • Development health and education infrastructure in the project villages

Youth Development​

  • Involvement in project such as International Citizen Services with an objective of building cultural relationship between youth from north and south
  • Enhancing skills of youth by organizing various skill trainings

Project Management​

  • Each project of MYKAPS is managed by a Senior Staff of MYKAPS with expertise in the chosen field. The Project Leaders / Coordinators

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