Our Mission : The goals and purpose of MYKAPS mission is defined as:
  • To build and strengthen livelihoods of farm and nonfarm rural households in such a way that all    familiesare able to live in prosperity and with dignity.
  • To spread the adoption of ecologically better practices so that soil, water and air are protected    from further deterioration and nurtured back to healthy and optimally productive levels.
  • To promote the development of agriculture as an enterprise, balancing productivity with    environmental     concerns and securing appropriate credit and market linkages.
  • To increase awareness and facilitate attitudinal and behavioral changes in the areas of health    and sanitation so that health risks are reduced.
  • To ensure that all the rights of children are respected at all times, and that children are    groomed to  contribute to the healthy growth of the community and the nation.
  • To ensure that all the above are achieved with gender sensitivity and through building and    strengthening local level people's institutions, working with panchayats (local government),    networking with other governmental and non governmental institutions and strategic    partnerships with resource institutions.

    Critical Areas

     Cross Cutting Themes
     Institution building
     Cummunity Participation and contribution
     Capacity building
     Poverty alleviation
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