MYKAPS spinned out of a larger organization namely; MYRADA in Jan 2008. MYRADA and MYKAPS continues to share a common vision and goals. However, MYKAPS is now an independent organization. This is in line with MYRADA's stated objective of decentralization, building people’s institution and working with local communities to attain sustainability.

Prior to 2008, the MYRADA H.D.Kote Project worked in partnership with Plan International (UK), a child sponsorship organization from the year 1982 to 2007 in Mysore and Chamarajanagar Districts and in part of Erode District in Tamil Nadu. The major objectives of the project namely; MYRADA H.D.Kote Project was to achieve rights of children such as Survival, Development, Participation and Protection. Several activities such as; support to school for infrastructure development, home construction for sponsored and other families, education support to children, promotion and nurturing of SHGs, livelihood support programs, establishment of potable water systems, improvement of rural sanitation, providing recreation opportunities to children, promotion and nurturing of children clubs etc., were implemented.


On spinning off from MYRADA, the organization has shifted its focus from Child Centered Community Development to Livelihood Centered Family Development.

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