The Approaches and Strategies of MYKAPS in Livelihood Promotion are ;

Approaches and Strategies in different areas Livelihood
Building and nurturing appropriate people's institutions centered around livelihood promotion

  • Through promotion, nurturing and monitoring Livelihood based;
    • Primary Level Institutions centered around thrift and credit
    • Primary Level Participatory Farmer's Groups
  • Establishment of Representative Institutions
  • Establishment of Producer Groups and Companies
  • Promotion of organic farmers associations
    • By implementing various projects such as organic farming, better cotton cultivation, livestock based farming, Savayava Bhagya Yojane etc.
  • Creating livelihood opportunities for landless people covered in watershed areas
  • Enhancing income earning skills of youth through skills training

Soil and Moisture Conservation

  • Building and nurturing institutions related to soil and moisture conservation such as Watershed Development Associations, Village Watershed Committees, Tank User Groups and federation of TUGs namely; Jalasiri Kere Abhivrudhi Sangha 
  • Carrying out tank rejuvenation activities such as tank deepening, treatment of upper catchment area,¬† sluice repair and strengthening of tank bunds
  • Create awareness amongst members of self help groups about soil and moisture conservation and linking them with TUGs.
  • Promotion of NADEP unit and compost pits as a moisture conservation measure in individual households
  • Take up watershed development activities such as Trench cum Bunds, Check dams, Drainage line treatment, development of gokuntas etc.,

Water and Sanitation

  • Create awareness amongst women about safe drinking water practices by arranging for loans from MFIs to construct toilets and purchase water filters
  • Mass awareness to women about safe drinking water practices
  • Propagation of hand washing¬† amongst school children
  • Construction of ISLs
  • Construction of Toilets in schools for boys and girls
  • Construction of child friendly toilets in pre-schools
  • Construction of protection walls around the school to improve sanitary conditions
  • Organizing awareness camps on sanitation to children by conducting drawing competitions, quiz etc.
  • Awareness to community about liquid and solid waste management
  • Training of waterman and masons to build their capacities

Health and Education

  • Organizing training on RCH and preventive health aspects
  • Organizing health camps and eye camps with support from Health care institutions
  • Training of children in decent work related to agriculture operations with special focus on cotton cultivation
  • Assisting government schools to improve their infrastructure such as classrooms
  • Assisting pre-schools with seating facilities and recreation equipments

Youth Development

  • Involvement in project such as International Citizen Service with an objective of building cultural relationship between youth from north and south
  • Enhancing skills of youth by organizing various skill trainings

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